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resource management

From: Daniel Wagner
Subject: resource management
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 11:20:53 +0100
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I'm preparing a talk about Hurd which I will give for a seminar. During my
prepartions I ask myself some simple question and most of them I could 
easily solve reading the mailling archives. But there is one question or
problem I couldn't solve yet. It's about resource management. At the moment
there is no way to set resource limits and usage, rigth? So any malicious 
process could finish off a Hurd box by eating up all memory for example.
But I guess this can be implemented. 

Another question about resource management is what to do with priviliged 
ports. For example for booting a neighbor Hurd with 'boot' you need root
rights to do it, because of some fiddling around priviliged ports. Or what 
about access devices provided by the kernel like /dev/eth0. You also need 
root rights to attach a translator on this device. As I understand the goals
of the Hurd project there shouldn't be unacessary restriction from the system
on users. But if any users is allowed to attach his/her own translator
to network device than there is a security issue, right? Of course you 
can say the network should be secured by prober protocols like ssh instead
of telnet. But still, a user can analize network traffic in this case. 


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