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X blocks terminal and hangs

From: Robert Millan
Subject: X blocks terminal and hangs
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 23:36:26 +0100
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X is continously failing on my system. Everytime i run it,
my screen gets blank and i'm unable to kill it with
keyboard commands.

The system is, however, responsive and i'm able to
access it through rlogin [1] [2], kill X and/or
attach GDB to it.

I'll try to provide all the useful debugging information
is at my hand. You can see my XF86Config-4 and XFree86.0.log

I'm not familiar with GDB, please anyone could
tell me what commands should i use to diagnose the problem?


[1] (just ported, see #169251)
[2] (sshd is broken and won't accept logins)

Robert Millan

"5 years from now everyone will be running
free GNU on their 200 MIPS, 64M SPARCstation-5"

              Andrew S. Tanenbaum, 30 Jan 1992

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