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IP setting and GCC questions

From: Budi Rahardjo
Subject: IP setting and GCC questions
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 04:35:58 +0700
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1. How do I set IP permanently under GNU/HURD?
   I see that there is no /etc/network/ directory (as in Debian GNU+Linux)
   Somebody told me to use "settrans + ...", but it barfed on me.

2. Just installed gcc with apt-get install gcc.
   But it won't compile a simple helloworld test program.
   It complained about things in various include files. (_THROW?)
   I haven't explored it further, since I could not connect to it again.
   (Maybe it rebooted last night and I have to go the the console to 
   set the IP again.)

3. Occasionally when I typed in "mount" ... it hanged! Any idea?
   (I ran the command under screen if it makes any difference.)

-- budi

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