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First-time install problems

From: coriordan
Subject: First-time install problems
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 04:29:03 +0000
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Hi all.
About an hour ago I got Debian GNU/Hurd J2+
installed.  I have a few problems though.

I can't access my CDROM drive.

I ran 'cd /dev;./MAKEDEV -v cd0', but when I
try to 'settrans -a -c /cdrom /hurd/isofs cd0'
my system kinda hangs.

I say "kinda" becuase I can Ctrl-c and get
back to a prompt.  I say my "system" kinda
hangs because this happens will almost anything
I do related to /dev/cd0.

If I type "ls /dev/c" and hit TAB I see
"cd0    console" but if I type "ls /dev/cd" and
hit TAB then my system hangs (until I Ctrl-c).

I only have a base system installed right now,
I need my CDROM drive to install the rest.  I
booted GNU/Linux to type this mail.

Two other small things: there is no 'shutdown'
command, just a 'reboot' command.
And when I type 'mount' (on it's own) my system
hangs (until I Ctrl-c).  This could be part of
the /dev/cd0 problem but I heard someone else
mention it on this list so I thought I'd say
"me too".

Any help on the CD mounting issue would be

Ciaran O'Riordan

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