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Re: First-time install problems [FIXED]

From: David Walter
Subject: Re: First-time install problems [FIXED]
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 10:19:08 -0500
User-agent: Gnus/5.090007 (Oort Gnus v0.07) XEmacs/21.4 (Honest Recruiter, hurd-i386-debian) writes:

>> You may have to initiate a /dev/klog to see that by doing the
>> following.
>>  settrans -fgc /dev/klog /hurd/streamio kmsg
>>  cat /dev/klog > $CONSOLE_LOG & CAT=$!; sleep 5; kill $CAT
> This didn't work for me, I kept getting -bash: !: event not found

my apologies.

>> cat /dev/klog > $CONSOLE_LOG &
should have pointed to a real file:

cat /dev/klog > /var/log/kernel-boot-messages &

Perhaps this is autmatically being done now, but off hand I don't know
where to look.

> no worries, I don't need it now anyway.

Glad to know that didn't hurt.

>> I have this problem with the default mount binary. I found if you
>> build it w/o optimization it doesn't hang, or if you are mounting
>> :-)

> Ok, I'll make 'mount' the first package I try building.

this will mean building the hurd.

if you want the debian version make sure to use apt-get source hurd,
or download from the debian site.

> Thanks for helping me get my system working.


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