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milis, MAXHOSTNAMELEN, networking reading...

From: Budi Rahardjo
Subject: milis, MAXHOSTNAMELEN, networking reading...
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 16:35:40 +0700
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1. what's the difference between these two milis (mailing lists)?
   the type of msg is similar. Should I crosspost?

2. where should MAXHOSTNAMELEN be defined in the include files
   <netdb.h> ?
   and what's the value? 64?
   (i am trying to compile a program which requires that)

3. where can I read more information on Hurd details (especially
   the networking part and settrans)?
   I am confused with "settrans", /servers directory, etc.
   (not familiar with that)
   It would be nice if the reading materials are for beginners. ;-)

4. I am still confused with how GNU/Hurd handles file systems.
   ie. why mount crashed without arguments,
       why df: cannot read table of mounted filesystems
       no mtab

-- budi

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