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help with 'G' series distribution

From: Cherry George Mathew
Subject: help with 'G' series distribution
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 23:04:40 +0600


I've a set of GNU/HURD cds marked G1, G2 and G3. Haven't been following
much of the discussions on cd distributions, but would appreciate it if
anyone remembers whether you could run um-pppd with that distribution.

If not, what package(s) do I upgrade ? Is there a URL with some kind of
HOWTO ? Getting new cds cut is out at the moment. And I connect to my
ISP via modem. So the only way is pppd.

Otherwise I have to download in linux, then copy the files across
partitions and access them from hurd - quite a pain to just run a cvs

Thanks and cheers,


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