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Re: aux directory causes problems for DOS-based CVS

From: Patrick Strasser
Subject: Re: aux directory causes problems for DOS-based CVS
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 14:08:04 +0100
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Danilo Šegan wrote:
When it comes to directory "aux", it fails because "aux" is, I believe, a special name in DOS and later. Since I didn't see in ViewCVS any content in this directory, I decided to skip it, and download everything else instead.

I think, this is a known problem with cvs and Dos-based systems. You've already found a workaround, and yet I've not heard of some better one or even a solution. Just hope aux is not needed or can be ignored.

I have yet to try to compile OSKit-Mach, but I wonder is there any actual purpose for the "aux" directory?
Seems to bee empty. It is not referenced in the gnumach tree.

If not, is there maybe a chance that it will be removed, so others attempting this weird scenario wouldn't experience the same problems?

AFAIK directories can't be removed from cvs.


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