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Re: aux directory causes problems for DOS-based CVS

From: egan <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: aux directory causes problems for DOS-based CVS
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 23:17:55 +0100
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
I think, this is a known problem with cvs and Dos-based systems. You've already found a workaround, and yet I've not heard of some better one or even a solution. Just hope aux is not needed or can be ignored.

The correct fix is to use a sane operating system.  I wouldn't be
suprised if other problems arise by using DOS, like for example
mangling [gnumach]/=announce-X.X.

Well, I'd quite agree with that, but that is not (yet) the option, since I need to get a new PCMCIA modem (old one didn't survive some experiments :), and this AMR winmodem is the only thing that provides me with an Internet connection.

I use GNU/Linux for my daily work, and the "manufacturer" supplied Windows for Internet access in past few days.

The "=announce-1.x" did not present any problems, but there were a few things that needed fixing: line-ending conventions (any file not listed with -kb in CVS/Entries is fromdos-ed), files with all uppercase names are listed with all lowercase (I remember there being a mount option to select whether to list as uppercase or lowercase, so this is a non-issue). I created a shell script that ought to do this all automatically, but I have yet to try to compile the beast.

Anyway, thanks for all your responses, and I hope to be running pure OSKit-Mach soon, and then afterwards a PCMCIA version, so to respond from the *only* sane operating system there is: GNU! :)

Best regards,

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