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Re: Can't Access GNU and Debian ftp sites

From: Tom Hart
Subject: Re: Can't Access GNU and Debian ftp sites
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:59:06 -0600
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Matt Grant wrote:
Hey Tom,

Could you double check your GNU/Linux's ifconfig settings and your
pfinet settings on GNU/Hurd. I did a reinstall yesterday, I used
a tarball dated gnu-20020816.tar.gz and my machine is fine on the network.
I use a fixed IP addr. tho.

My ifconfig on GNU/Linux still displays the same values I passed to pfinet.

My reasoning is you, might have a stale dhcp addr and your isp may give you a new one if you mess around with the dhcp client on GNU/Linux a little. I'm sorry I don't know the dhcp client commands to release and renew your address.

No, the university leases IP addresses for about a week at a time.

Maybe I've messed something up with my configuration. I should check this out with my sysadmin. =)

This is the only thing I can think of atm(without my first gallon of coffee).

I'll take this opportunity to pump Fair Trade coffee ( =)

Thanks, Matt.

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