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Re: wheeee! installed. no network. now what? :)

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: wheeee! installed. no network. now what? :)
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 14:48:54 +0100

    i don't have an eepro100 card _per se_, btw, it's built-in into
    the sony portable (pcg-z600hek).

Mine is an built-in card too; a Compaq Armada M700.

   hm.  i used google to search, last month, for some of this stuff.
   if my memory serves correctly, it was on

You could also have followed the URL I gave you in the first reply.
If I didn't provide an URL, then I apologize.  But here it is again:

It can be accesed from too.

    okay, that i found and tried last night.

And the exact command line was?

    so i took a look in /servers/socket and found a symbolic link inet
    already existed (???)

Yes, thats the way it is supposed to be.  /servers/socket/inet points
to /servers/socket/2.  Can you also give the output of "showtrans
/servers/socket/2"?  And maybe try removing any translators attached
with "settrans -fgap /servers/socket/2" before setting an translator
there.  You can look at what the options means with --help as the
single option to settrans, or showtrans.

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