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GNU/Hurd User's Guide

From: Tom Hart
Subject: GNU/Hurd User's Guide
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:57:45 -0600
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Hi all,

To attempt to address the high learning curve for new GNU/Hurd users, Matthew Grant and I have been working on a "GNU/Hurd User's Guide". The guide is part of the HurdExtras project on Savannah.

The guide covers installation, the shell, basic *NIX/Hurd commands and concepts, PC hardware basics, finding more information, and an introduction to the skills a new user will need in order to contribute.

Anyhow, the guide is becoming quite mature; hence,
1. We'd appreciate any feedback from the Hurd developers and community (anything along the lines of, "It annoys the heck out of us that newbies never seem to know ______!"); 2. We'd like to (eventually) have a link to the User's Guide on the Introductory Documentation section on the web pages, so we're hoping some GNU/Hurd webmaster (Alfred? Wolfgang?) would consider taking a look at the guide, and telling us what, if anything, we'd have to improve in order to get the guide up there.

The guide is available through CVS on Savannah:
cvs -z3 \
co documentation

It's also available via Matt's Web page (in Texinfo source and HTML format):

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