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i686-gnu-gcc mach/mig <mach/*> linking

From: Etienne Robillard
Subject: i686-gnu-gcc mach/mig <mach/*> linking
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 01:26:26 -0500 (EST)

Hello all,

Thanks to Joachim and Jeff for comments on last
message, apparently crossgcc/ gmake -k has helped much
 in my case... :-)

Nevertheless, i686-gnu-gcc is now 'functionning' to
the point that I could almost make gnumach and others.

I have 'configured' gnumach, along with oskit for
cross-compiler i686-gnu-gcc.. (--target=i686-gnu)

For the next part i686-gnu-gcc won't finish the build
properly, ...  

What I am trying to do is cross-compile the hurd along
with oskit and l4-fiasco support in.
I believe this task is rather normal nowadays into
such microserver/mach environments ?

For that task my main problem is that gcc wont find
<mach/*> and relatives since mach wont make it yet.
I believe also that Hurd on top of Mach would be a
good candidate for l4-microserver kernel delivery(?),
as seen with the l4-fiasco on x86.

That's said, I think that oskit looks promising and I
cannot wait to use it more longer. 

Will post something revelant one day. 
good night, 




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