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Re: kernel panic

From: Mark Ellis
Subject: Re: kernel panic
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 14:38:28 +0000

On 2003.02.07 14:18 James Morrison wrote:

--- Mark Ellis <> wrote:
> Hi all, getting a panic on boot from gnumach 1.3
> panic: linux_init: alloc_contig_mem failed
> I've found a few other reports from back in August 2001, possibly
> relating it to too much RAM, or possibly not. I have 354MB.
> Oddly, the panic occurs when booted off hd1s3, but not off hd1s1,
> both a debian kernel and one cross-comped from linux. Disk layout
> hd1s1 approx 1GB ext2 hurd/gnu
> hd1s3 approx 1GB ext2 hurd/gnu
> unpartitioned approx 1GB
> hd1s2 approx 7GB ext3 linux/gnu
> in that order. Was the previous issue resolved, and does anyone
> it could be related to mine ? Thanks for any insight.
> Mark

 What happens when you set root=device:hd1s2?

It panics. Following up on that idea, it also panics on all of hd0s*, which admittedly is a 40GB disc, but hd0s1 is only 1GB, so i'm surprised it bombed.


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