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Re: Hurd-related research help requested

From: Hisham Kotry
Subject: Re: Hurd-related research help requested
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 07:28:43 -0800 (PST)

--- Niels Möller <> wrote:
> You could look into the pfinet redesign. It was
> discussed a while
> back, probably on the bug-hurd list. I don't think
> there's any code
> written. This is perhaps not the right project for a
> "complete
> newbie"; you'll definitely not be a newbie anymore
> if you manage that
> ;-)

Not completely correct, There is code, and Jeff wanted
to have a basic icmpv4/v6 ping-pong implementation for
review on bug-hurd, I got the icmpv4 part done, v6 is
in the works (it's supposed to use a libicmp6 wich
will hopefuly be part of inetutils in the future, and
is why I'm a bit behind schedule, icmpv6 is huge).

Anyways, if you just want _a_ network stack, that
could be done in less than 2 months, just look at
lwip[1], it fully supports Ethernet, ARP, IP, ICMP,
UDP, TCP, experimental IPv6 and ICMPv6, while sporting
the sockets interface atop of it, yet the whole code
is even smaller than linux's net/core/* generic
routines. That's cause you could get _a_ stack done,
but that doesn't mean that it will be any effecient,
scalable or even future proof. Linux's developers had
their own IPv6 [experimental] stack written sometime
during 2.2, and it was completely dumped in favour of
USAGI in 2.4 for serious design troubles.

In short, we should take our time on this (it's not
like everyeone's seriously annoyed from pfinet) to get
it done correctly (atleast most of the main parts)
from the first time.

In case your interested in network hacking Alexander,
there's a whole lot of stuff that you could get done
_easily_ for pfinet, mainly dhcp. Or if you feel
adventerous port lwip to the Hurd :). Its code is
clean and neat, besides, the glibc interfaces code
isn't any stack-specific as you might expect].



> Regards,
> /Niels
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