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Re: A newbie question...

From: Veerapuram Varadhan
Subject: Re: A newbie question...
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 03:28:50 +0530 (IST)

Hi Moritz,

Thankx for your suggestion.  Trivfs is really cool.  I thought that trivfs
should be used to write some sort of file system translator, however, i
was wrong.  I came to know that it is also used to register into the Hurd
nameserver, which is being handled by the filesystem itself.  Ex: your
simple password server and pfinet server.

However, i want to know why my non-trivfs code was not working and where i
was doing wrong?


V. Varadhan.

P.S:- I am attaching the working code with this mail.

> Hello,
> I didn't have a close look at your code, I just want to point out the
> following: it is probably easier (and more elegant) to use libtrivfs in
> your server.  The trivfs code will make sure that your server is a
> `full' Hurd server, which starts up correctly and answers correctly to
> file system lookups.
> Have a look at the implementation of e.g. the password server
> (trans/password.c); it is based on trivfs but also provides it's own
> interface.  In your code, the password interface would be simply
> replaced by the stack interface.
>               moritz
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