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Re: Kernel PANIC during boot

From: PUYDT Julien
Subject: Re: Kernel PANIC during boot
Date: 06 Mar 2003 09:01:05 +0100

Le jeu 06/03/2003 à 02:30, Ciaran O'Riordan a écrit :

> title GNU(/Hurd)
> root   (hd1,0)
> kernel /boot/gnumach.gz root=device:hd2s1
> module /hurd/ext2fs.static --multiboot-command-line=${kernel-command-line} 
> --host-priv-port=${host-port} --device-master-port=${device-port} 
> --exec-server-task=${exec-task} -T typed ${root} $(task-create) $(task-resume)
> module /lib/ /hurd/exec $(exec-task=task-create)

Please, notice these are only four long lines, and should be written as
such when you(=DB) boot; it won't work if you cut the lines (like my
mail reader just did).

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