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Install question

From: Hiran Watson
Subject: Install question
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 06:55:17 -0500

I want to install the Hurd to initially help with testing, and once I learn C, help with the development. Anyway, I ended up getting the Debian GNU/Hurd port on cd, but as I was going through a bunch of documentation realized that I don't want Debian's port. So my question is, where do I go to download the files needed for the non Debian port version of the Hurd? I read Neal Walfield's installation instructions, but after also reading the installation instruction on the Debian port cds, I'm confused. Is Neal Walfield's instructions for the non Debian port version? If so, then why does he suggest adding what appear to be debian related links to sources.list? Anyway, all I want to do is install the non Debian port version of the Hurd, and I was wondering how to do it. Thanks for the help.

God bless

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