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Questions about translators

From: Hiran Watson
Subject: Questions about translators
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 19:50:07 -0500

I have three questions about translators.

The first is what happens when a server executes a translator? That is, is the translator run as a layer between the kernel and user app (thereby making system calls to accomplish things like internally opening files/directoris as well as using the original port for information to and from the user app and server)? Or is it run as a layer between the server and kernel (thereby making server-specific function calls to accomplish the same things mentioned above)?

Secondly, are the servers and translators run as user processes or system processes? What about the kernel?

Thirdly, why is there a need for translators? They just seem like an extra layer (or "middle-man") between the user app-kernel-server connection that would otherwise occur.

Thanks for the help.

God bless

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