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Re: Questions about translators

From: Colin JN Breame
Subject: Re: Questions about translators
Date: 24 Mar 2003 04:11:38 +0000

ooops, hit the reply instead of reply too button!

> One of the servers which makes up the GNU Hurd is called 'ext2fs'.
> It is an "Ext2fs server", it handles Ext2fs commands.
> Linux provides built-in support for ext2fs and can handle these
> requests without the need for a userspace app.  GNU Mach does not
> contain support for Ext2fs, it contains the bare minimum
> funtionality to allow ext2fs and other filesystems to be handled
> in userspace.


Being new here I have just a few question.  So, here goes:

Does anyone known how mounting works?
Is there a central namespace or something like that?
If the ext2fs translator is stored on a ext2 partition, how does the
kernel load it?
Does the kernel have any concept of "file system"? or interface that a
fs translator has to implement?
Does is the ftpfs finished and working?

Im kinda interested in helping as I believe the micro kernels are almost
certainly the way to go (and have probably been for some time).


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