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Re: Questions about translators

From: Gaël Le Mignot
Subject: Re: Questions about translators
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 12:28:23 +0100
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 > Thanks for the note, could you confirm some details though:
 > What makes a Hurd server a translator?
 > (Is there a real definition or is a translator just a server
 > that can be used to access a file)

A translator is a server listening on a file-system node. Accessing to
a file,  in GNU/Hurd, is sending  RPCs to the server  owning the node.
Every node of  the file system is associated with  a server, and those
servers  are translator.  Even  those who  don't  understand the  file
related RPCs (like /servers/crash), but only specific RPCs.

 > When you say "(practically) every process in the Hurd is a server",
 > do you mean:
 > a) every process which makes up "the Hurd", or
 > b) every process running on a Hurd based system

Both. Since, as  he said, all processed on a  Hurd-based system have a
thread listening for RPC (like  signals). And by definition, a process
waiting for RPCs is a server.

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