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Debian-Gentoo collaboration on GNU/Hurd ports

From: Robert Millan
Subject: Debian-Gentoo collaboration on GNU/Hurd ports
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 23:05:59 +0100
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Thinking about the Gentoo GNU/Hurd (whatever..) project, it seems that
whereas Gentoo and Debian are "competing" projects, the Debian GNU/Hurd
and Gentoo GNU/Hurd share one goal: to port a lot of software.

It'd be interesting if we could discuss some ways of cooperation
between Debian GNU/Hurd and Gentoo GNU/Hurd projects for porting
duties. This way we'll avoid horrible things like reporting the
same bugs twice, discussing the same bugs twice and fixing the same
bugs twice.

Some questions i come up with:

- where to discuss a porting problem? debian-hurd was typicaly
used for that. a possibility is to use help-hurd for common porting problems
and the specific lists for the distro-specific bugs. or perhaps we
could create a common porting list?

- how do we share patches? there are a lot of usable patches in the
debian packages that haven't been forwarded upstream yet. there are
more of them pending to be applied in the debian BTS. In principle, a
Gentoo porter should look at these places if he/she wants to avoid
duplicating work, but it'd be interesting to define a "protocol" on
what to do with patches once they're made, to ensure everyone gets them.

- what about API porting-related bugs in the Hurd and Glibc? the debian BTS
entries for hurd, libc0.3 and libc0.3-dev contain porting-related bugs.
(ala, "function foo(), needed for package bar, is broken or unimplemented")
maybe we should copy and forward them to the Savannah BTS?

Robert Millan

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