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[Help-HURD] some questions about hurd

From: Monge Maurizio
Subject: [Help-HURD] some questions about hurd
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 01:30:38 +0200
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I have given a look to what the Mach kernel provides, and i
was just wandering about using it in the X server.
Usually if is not used XShm, when program wants to disaplay
a 2Mb image, it sends it throw the socket, so the image is copied
first in kernel space and then in the Xserver memory (at least i think so).
Under mach, the Xserver could just use as implict the fact
that the image in the program would be mapped in the server memory
and getting a poiter to it, or should the Xserver be running as a
I am just interested to know if a modified Xserver/Xlib could do it.
Could also the xserver mmap the videomem to the client (like a translator
like ext2fs does to handle mmaps)?
With these two things it would asskicking :-)

Another question is:
What about l4-hurd?
Is there anything wrong with Mach (maybe it is to old?,...), or it is
only a way to test more extensively hurd servers?

Maurizio Monge

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