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Re: Installation

From: Ulrich Eckhardt
Subject: Re: Installation
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 20:20:22 +0200
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On Friday 06 June 2003 16:17, Phil Reardon top-posted:
> M. Gerards wrote:
> >The Hurd only supports ext2 and ufs filesystems of 2GB. because of this
> > you have to create multiple partitions if you want to use more than 2GB.
> >
> Where does the 2GB restriction come from,

The whole partition is mmap()'ed into the translators address-space.

> and are people working to remove it?

Yes, I seem to even remember RO-access for ext2 being in a working state.

Don't top-post, cut quotes to the relevant size, thanks.



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