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Installations problems

From: Guillaume Raimondeau
Subject: Installations problems
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 21:17:47 +0200

I just want to install Hurd in dual boot with W$.
I've done all the stage but quiet strangely, the system doesn't want to
I'm trying to install it from a CD and strangely the system doesnt see him.
That's quite strange. Have u got any idea on how I can install the base
I succeed in mounting on my first partition (the ext2 bootable named
the root filesystem but the base system not
When I look to the partition table after having mounted the root file
/dev/hda5 has changed in /target.
The seventh stage does not run and I dont know why...
I'm new under Hurd and I wish to work on it so it will be great if I could
install it.

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