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Mach unable to boot (?)

From: asubedi
Subject: Mach unable to boot (?)
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 21:39:40 -0500

Hello all,

This is my first try to install Hurd. Anyways, this afternoon I grabbed the 
``gnu-latest.tar.gz'' from and burnt it in a cdrom. I created a 
new partition hda6 and hda7, did #mke2fs -o hurd /dev/hda6, mounted to 
/mnt/gnu and extracted the gnu-latest there. I made the appropriate changes to 
the grub.conf. So, my kernel is on (hd0,5) and root=device:hd0s6. I did 
#reboot. Selected GNU/Hurd from the GRUB menu and voila looked as if mach was 
booting. I was greeted with `sh-2.05#'. Then I did ./native-install. I got a 
message saying hd0 was busy. It gave me some interrupt numbers. I did #ls 
which gave the same message. I rebooted my laptop into GNU/Linux (Gentoo), 
mounted /mnt/gnu and did #cd var && ls -R * to look for any log messages. I 
could not find any log messages. So I tried to boot into Hurd again. This time 
also it printed some output (which showed that it was searching PCI devices, 
it recognised my hardrive and cdrom, etc...) then it looked as if it was 
trying to execute some init script (I was getting output with /hurd/init/: foo 
is a directory, etc).

So, what could be going wrong? Can Hurd be installed in a logical partition? 

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