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RE: Mach unable to boot (?)

From: asubedi
Subject: RE: Mach unable to boot (?)
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 23:47:14 -0500

>===== Original Message From Robert Millan <> =====
>Where did you get the GNU tarball from? contrib/marcus/attic ?

I got it from there.

>The tarball in that directory is obsolete and has a number of known serious
>installation problems.
>Our recommended method of installing GNU is by using crosshurd. If for some
>reason you can't use crosshurd (ie, no debian system and uncapable of
>setting up a chroot jail), there's a still-deprecated-but-not-so-old
>tarball in contrib/robertmh. I don't recommend using it though.

Hmm... I'll try the tarball in contrib/robertmh. I would use the debian system 
but I am not living in campus dorm over the summer to enjoy the LAN. I am 
manually downloading the stuff from net and burning onto a cdrom nowadays (may 
be I could download the necessary deb packages but the three iso for Debian 
GNU/Hurd would be an overkill...). 

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