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RE: Mach unable to boot (?)

From: asubedi
Subject: RE: Mach unable to boot (?)
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 12:40:52 -0500

>===== Original Message From Robert Millan <> =====
>Robert Millan

I was successfuly able to install the Debian GNU/Hurd K3 in my laptop with 
little effort. I dont have a floppy drive in my laptop so I did not read about 
any grub image stuff in the installation manual, however the grub command in 
the grub.conf that I used last time worked perfectly. I did not install most 
of the packages and X since it was already about 2 last night... My mach 
kernel and the whole system sits at hd0s6. The boot message gave some error 
while reading the hd0s4 (start of the extended partion). I am yet to check the 
log messages to know what exactly is going on. Also, the initial boot message 
recognizes my ide/atapi dvd/cdrw as hd2 but the Hurd does not seem to set the 
translator properly for the iso9660fs. It just dumps the `core' to the mount 
point. I will file the appropriate bugs soon.

A. Subedi

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