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RE: Installation problem

From: asubedi
Subject: RE: Installation problem
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 09:23:10 -0500

>===== Original Message From AmirAli Lalji <> =====
>I have checked everything e.g. (I deleted the -s switch before booting)
>and read almost all of the installation help available.   I always get
>the # prompt with an error saying
>"fsck couldnt make the partition readonly"

I think I get that error intermittently, after I hard boot when something 
locks up. You would have been greeted with `login>' prompt had not there been 
this error.

>Another problem I am facing is my notebook works fine with Linux but
>whenever I boot HURD,  my notebook's harddisk seems to run faster as if
>its gonna get fried!!! and the heat coming out my notebook increases.

My notebook nearly fried when I left it in Hurd all day along.


>Any help would be appreciated.
>BTW I am running HURD on Pentium 4 1.7MHz, 256MB Ram.  The partition for
>HURD is 1GB.

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