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Re: static linking and iso9660fs

From: Greg Buchholz
Subject: Re: static linking and iso9660fs
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 16:09:42 +0100 (BST)

On Sun, 31 Aug 2003, Marco Gerards wrote:

> Great! Can you please tell us what you managed to do and what you are
> trying to do?  I'm really interested in this. (But I was too lazy to
> try this myself :)).

        Just trying to get a bootable GNU CD for a native install or a
live CD, etc.  I haven't actually accomplished much yet.  I can get
gnumach to boot off of a CD, and now that I've got a statically linked
iso9660fs, I'm going to try to get a grub that understands cd-rom drives,
and hopefully I'll be one step closer to a bootable CD (so I can tell grub
something like 'root (hd3,0)' where hd3 is a cd drive).  Here's the grub
patch that I'm going to look at next...

...then we'll only need a write-to-readonly media translator and we're
done (or that's the hope anyway:)

Greg Buchholz

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