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Re: Help compiling oskit-mach

From: B. Douglas Hilton
Subject: Re: Help compiling oskit-mach
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2003 03:39:01 -0400
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I've followed the L4/Hurd effort for several years now, casually checking in
on their websites every so often. Not much so far. It really sucks that I
can't boot Gnumach anymore, I'm an adventurous soul and I used to get
a little thrill from firing up GNU and toying with it on occasion.

What about the "Fiasco" L4 variant. I would have thought that it would
be rather ideal for Hurd in that it is written in a much more portable manner
than L4 itself. Hurd aims to be the ultimate cross platform environment, so
getting extra ports for free right at the start is a really good thing.

Btw, my little Netwinder server with the StrongARM SA110 275MHz RISC
processor is rumored to be a supported platform for OSKit. I can only
imagine the incredible amount of work that would be required to get
Hurd booting on a Netwinder; however, it would then also boot on a
Zaurus :-)  Point your PDA at an IR receiver and access supercomputing

Thats what has always let me down with Hurd so far is that it has not
lived up to its clustering legacy. Ideally if you boot something like Debian
Hurd, it should link itself with every other node that is accessable and
share processing jobs as required. A lot of the so-called "bloat" in
Mach is all this wild code to let processes and tasks run in a generic
way on a hetrogenous collection of diversely connected processors.

Actually with the incredible processing speed and power of the latest
cpu designs, the overhead of Mach is still rather negligable in most
instances compared to the benefits it could achieve were it really
used in the way it was intended, Hurd always seemed to me somewhat
slower than a similar Linux setup on the same machine; however it
was slow in peculiar ways suggesting that some libs were just not very
optimized yet. I know when I get Gnumach to boot on this XP2400+
it will be scary fast. WOOT  :-{P

$ alsaplayer BigRed_Run4.wav &

Ognyan Kulev wrote:

B. Douglas Hilton wrote:

Actually, I'd probably have a much easier time getting L4 working on my a7n8x. Hmm... do I sniff a weekend project brewing? I've been slacking off for a long time, might be time for a mini-hackathon...

Well, there is no Hurd/L4 where you can type "ls", for example, and there won't be in the near future. So playing with L4 is much more mental activity than hacking activity. But it's still more exciting than Mach.


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