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hurd or Mach hangs at regular intervals

From: Rahul Saxena
Subject: hurd or Mach hangs at regular intervals
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 01:13:42 +0530

hello everyone, 

i have been trying the latest Debian/Hurd ISO. 

I am having a problem getting a responsive shell. The shell hangs ( indeed i 
think everything hangs ) for an arbitary amount of time.  ( 1 min or so ) 
then then it starts echoing characters again to the screen and then hangs 
gain for some time..

i know this because once it hung while the shell was beeping during tab 
completion and as it hung the speaker remained BEEPing and the system hung .. 
and so on.

so basically i havnt even been able to do a native-install

BTW i have also been getting ext2fs.static:hd02:BAD ACCESS errors for blocks 
starting from 28 to 30 on my harddrive. 

any pointers??

thanks for reading.
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