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Re: How to cross-compile the hurd

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: How to cross-compile the hurd
Date: 10 Sep 2003 22:50:37 +0200
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Peter Wainwright <> writes:

> Hi,
> I'd like to help with the Hurd, but I can't get to first
> base...
> I tried a binary distribution (J2) but it wouldn't boot
> - looks like interrupt conflicts with my ethernet card
> since "eepro100..." was the last thing I saw before the
> screen went blank.

Do you have an eepro100?  This sounds like a GNUMach problem.

> So I am trying to cross compile from my existing system
> (which is Pink Tie 9, not Debian, but I do have dpkg).
> I tried to follow the instructions in hurd/INSTALL-cross,
> but no luck.

I consider crosscompiling a waste of time.  Please don't do that.


> I am working on the current HEAD cvs hurd, gnumach
> and mig.

Good :).  I prefer GNUMach 1.3, it is more stable and works for more
people AFAIK (And it is easier to compile).  I think you might be able
to boot when compiling GNUMach yourself.  You don't need a
crosscompiler to compile GNUMach, you can do that from GNU/Linux.

Please give up the crosscompiling.  Mach is the problem here, if you
want to compile the Hurd yourself do that natively.


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