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Please SEE this !

From: adityargupta
Subject: Please SEE this !
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 21:49:12 +0530

Hi there,
I'm a final year Computer Engg. student in Pune University (India)
We are a team of 3 members and we've opted to work on "Implementing CIFS(Common Internet File System) on GNU-Hurd",
So, it would be of great help for us to get the complete knowledge about all the details of CIFS, Hurd and the current activities undertaken in this direction.
Also we are keen to know if  there any other tasks TO DO
At present, we know about few of the details of CIFS, Mach microkernel, detailed concepts about Operating System(especially UNIX), UNIX socket programming
We 'd be spending about 6 months for this project.
Waiting for your kind co-operation, please do REPLY!
Have a nice time !!!
Aditya R. Gupta

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