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Debian GNU/Hurd K4 does not boot

From: Apurva Mehta
Subject: Debian GNU/Hurd K4 does not boot
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 11:53:00 +0530
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I have just installed Debian GNU/Hurd K4 and cannot get it to boot..

Here is the relevant portion of my grub.conf file :


title GNU (kernel GNUmach 1.2) 
        root (hd1,2)
        kernel /boot/gnumach.gz root=device:hd1s3 -s
        module /hurd/ext2fs.static --readonly                   \
                --multiboot-command-line=${kernel-command-line} \
                --host-priv-port=${host-port}                   \
                --device-master-port=${device-port}             \
                --exec-server-task=${exec-task}                 \
                -T typed ${root} $(task_create) $(task_resume)
        module /lib/ /hurd/exec $(exec-task=task-create)


During boot, the system stops at the line :

task loaded : /lib/ /hurd/exec

Then nothing happens. If I hit the return key, the system panics with a
page fault..

Any ideas as to what is wrong?


        - Apurva

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