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A brief report on install robertm-tar

From: sigbj-st
Subject: A brief report on install robertm-tar
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 17:41:07 +0200

Tried to install Hurd from the robertm-tar file.
On boot the OS seemed successfully to load, and I came all the way to the 
sh-2.05b# prompt.

My keyboard qwerty-latin-no was messed up.Every second letter input was not 
recognised.After having found out this, I wrote: 

This resulted in installation and configuration of a keyboard that worked. I 
had to write the command absolutely correct without any type-mistake. A typing 
error caused mess-up,and could not be adjusted by backwardkey. The 
install-command had to be entered twice to work (double-enter); the first 
enter just gave "open/empty" line.

If anybody think this is "interesting" or is of any help, you are welcome to 
absorb this "report".


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