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Installation of contrib/Marcus/gnu.tar last year and this year

From: sigbj-st
Subject: Installation of contrib/Marcus/gnu.tar last year and this year
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 21:59:43 +0100

What I mean to say here is that last year I tried to install the 20.8.02 tar 
ball from . I assume that there has not been any change in 
the MBrinkm tar.gz since august 2002.Otherwise I would assume that the date  
would have changed so that I would have noticed that.

Last year I reported that the hurd boot froze at a certain stage and kernel 
panic. I tried contrib/marcus on the same machine for fun to-day (but I use 
the K4-Debian now).The same-procedure-as-last-year happened,but when I edited 
the first modul-line /hurd/ext2fs.static to erase the "--readonly" switch, the 
Hurd continued past the hang to single-user runlevel as it should. From here I 
could continue the regular ./native-install.
Upon a second boot Hurd this time actually accepted  "--readonly" on that 
modular line in grub,and I ran the ./native-install a second time as 
Now, on third boot as multiuser the message was that "could not fsck, could 
not mount readonly", or something like that,so I had to add --readonly on the 
ext2fs.static module command line. Does this sound weard to you?

My grub boot disk was always arranged as -s and --readonly on singleuser,and 
none of the above on multiuser. I never tried to edit the menu.list lines, 
since I have insufficient knowledge.


Has the grub boot-setup for Hurd changed as to the -s option in the kernel 
commandline and --readonly option in the ext2fs.static commandline?

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