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From: hajiraabacha
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 04:29:36 +0100

16, kano estate,
kano state,
Good day and compliments. This letter will definitely
come to you as a huge surprise but I implore you to
take the time to go through it carefully as the
decision you make will go off a long way to determine
the future and continued existence of the entire members of my Family.
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr.(Mrs) HAJIA Abacha,
the wife of the late Head of State and Commander- in- Chief of the Armed
Forces of
the Federal Repulic of Nigeria, Gen. Sanni Abacha,whom died of heart attack.
My ordeal started immediately after my husband's death
and the subsequent take over of government by the last
administration. The present democratic government is
determined to portray all the good works of my late
husband in a bad light and have gone as far as
confiscating all my late husband's assets, properties,
freezen our accounts both within and outside Nigeria.
I am writing this letter to you, my son Mohammed
Abacha  is undergoing questioning with the government.
All these measures taking by the past/present
government is just to gain international recognition.
Me and the entire members of my family have been held
incommunicado since the death of my husband, hence I
seek your indulgence to assist us in securing some
funds. We are not allowed to see or discuss with
anybody. Few occassions I have tried travelling abroad
through alternative means, all failed.
My late husband has EIGHTY million US DOLLARS
($80,000,000.00) specially preserved and well packed
in trunk boxes of which only my husband and I knew
about it. These packages are been deposited with a
security company without anybody knowing the contents
of the packages, because it was declared as photo
materials and other personal effects. It is packed in
such a way to forestall just anybody having access to
it. It is this sum that I seek your assistance to get
out of Nigeria as soon as possible before the present
civilian regime finds out about it and confiscate it
just the way they have done to all our assests.
On your consent, e-mail via the under listed contact
immediately for further discussions and clarification.
Bearing in mind that you may assist me, I have decided
to part with 15% of the total sum.Your URGENT response is highly Needed.

All corespondence must be forwarded to my Family confidant and
representative Barrister elvis martins on his e-mail address:
( security and confidential reasons.
May Allah show you mercy as you do so,
Yours Truly,
Dr.(Mrs) MARIAM Abacha.

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