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Re: project on samba+gnu/hurd

From: Patrick Strasser
Subject: Re: project on samba+gnu/hurd
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 19:34:55 +0100
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Hello Aandvid!

anandvid schrieb:

>> "the task doesn't mean a reimplementation of samba but
>> writing the smbfs filesystem like Linux has.  The advantage of the Hurd
>> above linux in this case is that you can use userspace libraries.Just
>> use libsmbclient for the network communication." with kind instru ctions
>> from Mr. Marco Gerards.
> can anybody plz describe it in detail because
> we are supposed to finish our project in 2 months.

Where to start.. What exactly do you want to know? What is unclear for you? Be as specific as possible, it makes us a lot easier to give you a good answer.

> right now we are
> reading the samba documentation and a few things about hurd.

That's a good start.
You should also do the
'Hurd Hacking Guide' by Wolfgang Jaehrling

Also have a look at what smbtree from the samba distribution does [mind the newline]:

Last time I had a look at Samba 3.0 it seemed to have everything you need to connect it with the translators framwork. At a quick shot it didn't compile through the debian buidl system due to unresolvable dependencies. I think this can be worked arround. Of course it would be nice just to use the vanilla library for the translator. This would proof the translator concept.


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