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Is it safe to use Debian GNU/Hurd?

From: Andreas Tolfsen
Subject: Is it safe to use Debian GNU/Hurd?
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 01:42:47 +0100
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Greetings to all!

I have been using the GNU/Linux system for some time now, and from then I've learned a lot. I didn't have any knowledge about the UNIX system at all when starting off with a RedHat distro. I see now that the UNIX system has far more capabilities than many other operating systems I've used. My thanks to all great people making their contribution!

Anyways, on to my question, I've read more and more about the GNU/Hurd system and the Hurd kernel and I finally decided maybe I'll try it. I've found the ISO images ( I am sitting on my desktop computer (Pentium 4 2.54 GHz); is there any possibility that I can run Debian GNU/Hurd (the URL ISOs) on my machine? Is it safe? Will it ruin my hardware? (I have to ask!)

My thanks for all replies!

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Tolfsen

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