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Re: hello

From: hymette
Subject: Re: hello
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 20:17:33 +0100

le and lpe are great console-based text editors I found on Debian - with colors, hilighted code and everything.

It would be nice to compile a new pc_kbd.c but I'm not used to C and the file isn't even on my disk. Do you know a place where I could download the complete source code for the Hurd, in one shot?

I don't know who is Gael , sorry.


On Wednesday, January 14, 2004, at 08:01 PM, Marco Gerards wrote: writes:

The new console seems amazing but I think I'm going to wait till
alternate keymaps are available !

If you really want an alternate keymap you can hardcode it in pc_kbd.c
or use the (unfinished) xkb driver a while ago.  IIRC it is still
available form Gaƫls site, of which I cannot remember the URL.

No emacs yet - because of xlibs - but I'm doing well with le and lpe.
Since my last mail the "MARK SET" bug did not occur. I may have
pressed  some wrong key combination at the wrong moment !

I assume you pressed the wrong key somewhere, which is not too hard
when using a strange keymap.

What is le and lpe?


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