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Re: Booting the HURD and other issues including logging in

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Booting the HURD and other issues including logging in
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 02:17:57 +0100 (MET)

   Here's my problem. I have used the BZIP2 compressed tar file that
   Robert M created, to create initial file system. After some minor
   tweaks in the boot sequence that the GRUB menu file came with, I
   can now get to a logon prompt. I also created the console device
   driver as well. And that's the problem. The native install script
   insists that I should boot to a multi-user level, and logon as root
   before continuing. However, the logon prompt won't let me, it
   insists that root isn't a valid user. Any suggestions?

That sounds very weird, you are also lacking details.  Could you show
the exact output from the console? Did you run native-install twice
(with a reboot between)?  It sounds as if /etc/passwd doesn't exist,
could you check that it does? You can do that from the "login>", it is
just a shell.

   Also my network uses DHCP to set IP addresses on both this unit,
   and the box hosting the HURD, while it is running Linux, that is.

What you call HURD is really called GNU/Hurd, the actualy Hurd project
is called `the Hurd'.  And Linux isn't a operating system, it is only
a kernel, the operating system is called GNU/Linux.

   I have found how to attach the translator that represents
   networking, but what about a driver for the 3COM 3C905 card?

GNU Mach 1.x and 2.x support the 3c905 driver.  Have you checked that
your NIC is found?  You can do that by the following:

cat /dev/klog > /boot.log

Wait a few seconds, and hit C-c (^C).  But once you have read
/dev/klog, you can't get the information back by reading /dev/klog
once more; you will have to reboot if you want to read again.

   And of course DHCP?

Nope, not supported just yet.


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