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NIC not working

From: anand narayan vidwansa
Subject: NIC not working
Date: 21 Jan 2004 12:00:55 -0000

    we are trying to set the ip of my network card on our lan but whwn we run 
the pfinet translator it says - device eth0 does not exist.
        we have a DLINK DFE 538 10/100 Mbps adapter.we saw at the boot time the 
hurd system shows it as 
eth0 DLINK adapter DE600 not at I/O 0x378
DLINK DE600 pocket adapter not found in printer port
           same message it gives for eth1 though i have only one NIC.
* but my redhat linux shows my NIC as "Realtek 8139".
               now i really dont know what is happening here coz i also saw the 
h/w compatibilty guide and it supports both Realtek 8139 and DLINK 600,620 
            can anybody please help me out??
                      thanking you  

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