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Re: If QNX is successful, why NOT GNU Microkernels

From: Budi Rahardjo
Subject: Re: If QNX is successful, why NOT GNU Microkernels
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 06:53:01 +0700
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>    Mach has some issues that seem to make it intrinsically slow[1],
>    Hurd has its own issues on top of it that makes it even worse[2],

True. But I am still interested in GNU/Hurd because:
- hardware is getting faster all the time (without us doing anything)
- there will be more people with skills and enough time to tweak Mach
  (or even perhaps come up with something else)

So, there is hope ;-)

It *IS FUN* to play with GNU/Hurd. Just like when Linux was 0.??
With gazillions of distros, it isn't fun anymore. :(

To bad I had to take my GNU/Hurd system offline because I need the
hardware to do some testing :(

-- budi

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