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The Hurd at eGovOS 2004?

From: Ricard Mira
Subject: The Hurd at eGovOS 2004?
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 13:00:55 +0100

The Hurd hackers may find this interesting.

I noticed that the next eGovOS conference (<>) will
discuss the question, "How does Open Source provide an Innovative
Solution for E-Government?".  Innovation appears to be the focus of
the conference this year.  AFAIK, the Hurd is quite innovative.  Could
the Hurd (or the GNU system as a whole) "provide an Innovative
Solution for E-Government"?  If so, this may be a good chance to
convince governments to fund the development of the GNU system...

However, please keep in mind that Richard Stallman wrote an article on
his concerns about eGovOS entitled "What eGovOS must do"

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