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Re: so it comes p odsfckq

From: Silas Gaston
Subject: Re: so it comes p odsfckq
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 19:59:05 +0200

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I have been receiving emails saying that I'm contributing to the "moral decay of society" by selling the Banned C D. That may be, but I feel Strongly that you have a right to benefit from this hard-to-find information. So I am giving you ONE LAST CHANCE to order the Banned C D! With this powerful C D, you will be able to investigate your friends, enemies and lovers in just minutes using the Internet You can track down old flames from college, or you can dig up some dirt on your boss to make sure you get that next promotion!
Or maybe you want a fake diploma to hang on your bedroom wall. You'll find addresses for companies that make these diplomas on the Banned C D. Need to disappear fast and never look back? No problem! Using the BannedCD, you will learn how to build a completely new identity. Obviously, the Powers That Be don't want you to have the BannedCD. They have threatened me with lawsuits, fines, and even imprisonment unless I stop selling it immediately. But I feel that YOU have a Constitutional right to access this type of information, and I can't be intimidated. Uncle Sam and your creditors are horrified that I am still selling this product! There must be a price on my head!
Why are they so upset? Because this C D gives you freedom. And you can't buy freedom at your local Walmart. You will have the freedom to avoid Zreditors, judgments, lawsuits, IRS tax collectors, criminal indictments, your greedy ex-wife or ex-husband, and MUCH more!

see now

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