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Port leaks

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Port leaks
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 02:22:12 +0100
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There is something weird going on in ext2fs I think or I misunderstand
something.  On my GNU/Hurd box I ran the "portinfo 3|wc -l" commands
to see the amount of portrights used in the ext2fs.static server.

The first time when I run it I see that it has 1617 portrights.

After that I run "du -hs hurd" to see the size of the Hurd
sourcetree.  Just after that was finished the ext2fs server will have
1980 portrights.  When I wait a while this amount will be lowered to
1968, but it does not get lower than that.

Is this expected behavior or is this some portleak?  How harmful is
this (and why is it harmful?)  and where should I look if this is a
problem? (Special ways to debug such problems?).

Shouldn't Mach destroy portrights automatically when a file was opened
by du after du was closed? (And send the server a port dead/no senders
notification???).  Or is this not related with what I noticed?

Please tell me if I misunderstood anything about Mach or if I am using
the incorrect terminology.


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