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From: marzuba
Subject: Private
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 10:53:28 +0100

Private E-mail:
Dear Sir/ Madam,
   Before I start, I must first apologize for this unsolicited mail to you. I 
am aware that this is certainly an unconventional approach to starting a 
relationship but as time goes on you will realize the need for my action. I am 
Mr. Mark Zuba, a native of South Africa currently residing in Amsterdam, 
Netherlands for a management course, at the Hoge University. 
 Allow me to explain my reason and importance of my writing to you. Sir I am 
requesting your assistance in order to redeem an investment made with the 
Southern Mining Corporations Limited, in which I am a senior executive.  The 
said investment now valued at Ten Million United States of American Dollars 
(U.S.$10,000.000.00) was purchased by Eric Reilly and contracted out to the 
Southern Mining Corporations Limited in September 1979.  This redeemable 
investment interest has now matured and has been cleared for disbursement since 
March of 2001. 
   Since then, there has been an extensive global wide attempt to locate and 
notify any living relatives of Eric Reilly being that he himself died in 
December 1987.  We have confirmed through three independent search agencies 
that there are no living relatives in which whose favour the investment can be 
paid.  Being that two of my colleagues are also executives in the account 
department of the Mining Corporation, we have access to all Reilly's 
information, we can claim this money with you.  All we need to do is file this 
claim in your identity and effecting the necessary documentary changes, which 
lies in our respective departments and proclaim you as actual beneficiary of 
this investment. 
 These funds can be paid into any designated account in which you provide in 
any given country.  My proposal to you is that for your assistance you will 
withhold 30% of the total sum while, ensuring that my partners and I receive 
the remaining 70%. 
 I hope that you are able to understand the entire nature of my proposal. There 
is no risk involved in this transaction now or after the successful conclusion 
of it. As stated earlier, there are no living relatives to lay claims on these 
funds. Therefore this transaction is legal, however without your assistance 
this money will be returned over to the Southern Mining Corporations Limited as 
lost fund. 
 Please for further question, feel free to contact me through this e-mail 
address: let me know if this proposal is acceptable to 
Best regards, 
Mark Zuba

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