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Re: gnumach 1.3 + gcc 3.3

From: Paolo Dongilli
Subject: Re: gnumach 1.3 + gcc 3.3
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:44:25 +0100
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
[Please keep the CC intact, I re-added bug-hurd to the CC list.]

I checked out the gnumach-1-branch but there are still problems with the latest version of autoconf 2.59 :(

Please report the exact problem that you can, "there are still
problems" is not helpful in anyway.  Also, you shouldn't need to mess
around with the scripts if you just want to compile your
own version of GNU Mach.

You're right in saying that I have to be more precise in explaining the problem but unfortunately I don't have my GNU Hurd machine here.

I rewrite the problem:

- I installed GNU-K5
- I wanted to recompile gnumach
- I checked out yesterday the gnumach-1-branch from savannah
- I ran
    $ ./configure --enable-ide --enable-floppy --enable-ne2000
    $ make
  and the make process stopped with an error (about a non-existing
  AC_... macro or something like this) while calling "autoconf". The
  version of autoconf on my GNU Hurd machine is 2.59.

My questions are:

- Was anybody able to compile gnumach-1.3 from gnumach-1-branch in the same environment I have?
   * GNU-K5 (gcc 3.3 + autoconf 2.59 + m4 1.4)

- What environment do I need to have to compile gnumach-1.x?


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