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Re: compiling glibc+hurd from cvs

From: Rian Hunter
Subject: Re: compiling glibc+hurd from cvs
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 16:37:36 -0500

> I missed this, why did you disable libpthreads?  Please, please,
> please report any kind of problems you encounter, don't "jump" around
> them like this!  It is important that we not only find problems, but
> also fix them; ignoreing the problem is not a fix.

ummm. Sorry about that, i wasn't thinking properly. I was just focused
on compiling the Hurd and getting it to work (so i knon what i am doing
for future compilations). I cleaned teh drive and re-installed to try
again, and try out running a sub-hurd (as you and Marcus suggested)
before overwriting my current files. I wasn't thinking then.

If i remember correctly libpthread would fail during compilation after
missing files like /not-in-libc.h or config.h. I tried resolving the
issue myself, but it was a big dependancy problem. I'll report the
problem when (if) i come across it again.

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